The Importance of the Yucatan Peninsula for Birds, a talk by Barbara MacKinnon de Montes

On March 13, 2013,  our Yucatan Bird Club was honored to host our guest speaker, Barbara MacKinnon de Montes.

Bev Scott, pictured below, introduced the speaker to more than 40 attendees.

Bev and Barb intro 2

OVER ONE BILLION MIGRATING BIRDS stay or pass through the Yucatan Peninsula during migration. It receives migrants from the north – some which overwinter or pass through enroute to South America.  Plus five species from South America and four species from the Caribbean come to nest here.” This is only one fascinating facet of Barbara’s presentation, “The Importance of the Yucatan Peninsula for Birds.”

Barbara continued, “When we think about the location of the peninsula in Mexico, it is a ‘finger’ of land that sticks outward from Mexico between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.  It is connected to Central America. Fifty percent of all birds registered in Mexico have been reported for the Yucatan Peninsula.”

Here are more highlights:

“There are 14 endemic species to the biological region of the península – one is probably extinct, and two almost endemics that have disjunct populations.”


“The only flamingo population in Mexico is here along with the second largest population of Reddish Egret known to date.”

“The major threat to birds include: loss of habitat and forest fragmentation due to urbanization, extensive cattle raising, monocrops, illegal capture and trade.”

“Conservation actions include:

    • the creation of more natural protected areas than any other part of Mexico
    • alliances among conservation groups taking collective action
    • training and education in the prevention of forest fires
    • creation of sustainable tourism activities. “

Barbara concluded her presentation, “What can you do?

    • take a child birding so they will no longer use slingshots
    • report bands on flamingos and Reddish Egrets as well as unusual birds or numbers of birds.”
Barb and Francisco 2

Barbara MacKinnon de Montes with Francisco Javier Cab Ku.  Francisco traveled from José María Morelos, Quintana Roo to hear and meet Barbara. Her talk was worth the trip, and more, to all of us.

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1 Response to The Importance of the Yucatan Peninsula for Birds, a talk by Barbara MacKinnon de Montes

  1. Barbara MacKinnon de Montes says:

    Cherie – Francisco is from Jos Mara Morelos, Q.Roo and not Puerto Morelos.

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