Black Vulture in flight near Merida casa

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  1. Alinde says:

    I just LOVE that description of Mérida’s vultures! I’d never seen one perching; and I’m always in awe when I see them gracefully scouting our locales. I’d never heard the “hiss and grunt” before. Amazing. (Maybe they are related to Zarigüyas, another gentle beast with a bad rep., which also hisses !)

    The other day I saw a vulture flying along with a tiny, tiny bird as, it seemed, its partner. Do you believe it could have been a new-born with it’s mother?

    The missed photo of my life was when I saw a vulture and an airplane in the sky above the Hyatt, almost (visually) sharing the same space.

    • Thanks, Alinde. The smaller bird could have been a kingbird. It’s a tyrant flycatcher and will even chase large birds of prey. A smaller vulture that could fly would be closer to the adults size. Vultures lack a voice box so that’s why the hiss and grunt. It’s more of a warning to stay away. Few of us have been that close.

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